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QTea Quantum Sensor Technologies and Applications Postgraduate Symposium (QTeaPS)

University of Hamburg
30 August - 3 September 2015

The (QTeaPS) is a joint organised event by research fellows in the Marie Curie ITN on Quantum Sensor Technologies and Applications (QTea) network. The symposium will be hosted at the Institute of Laser Physics in the University of Hamburg and is aimed at experimental and theoretical physics postgraduate students. The main focus of the event will be on the growing fields of gravitational probing, rotation sensing, magnetic sensors,surface probing, atomic clocks and precision spectroscopy.

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Who's the symposium aimed at?

The symposium is aimed at postgraduate students in experimental and theoretical physics.

During this event we hope to broaden the horizon for PhD students and create lasting collaborations in the growing fields of quantum sensor technologies and its applications.

Participants are strongly encouraged to present a talk or a poster of their research. In addition there will be essential workshops for career development.

Registration deadline 29th July 2015

Fee including accommodation and breakfast: £140 per person

Fee excluding accommodation (for University of Hamburg students ONLY): £85 per person


  • Invited speakers
  • PhD Student and postdoc speakers
  • Intellectual Property Rights Workshop
  • "Publishing your research: choices, challenges and changes" Workshop
  • Talk and Poster competition
  • Hamburg city tour
  • Lab tours
  • Symposium dinner

Confirmed speakers

  • Dmitry Budker (U.C. Berkeley, Johannes Gutenberg Universitat , Mainz)
  • Harald Kübler (University of Stuttgart)
  • Tanja Mehlstäubler (German National Metrology Institute)
  • Rodolphe Le Targat   (Paris Observatory)






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