Moth bean 

Focusing on crops with increased stress tolerance for improved food security

Lead researcher: Dr Rahul Bhosale

Moth bean (Vigna Aconitifolia) is a leguminous crop that can grow under harsh conditions like poor or marginal soil types without applying additional inputs (like fertiliser). It is tolerant of high temperatures and droughts. Moth bean is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. However, because the genome is unavailable, we have not been able to explore these valuable genes for breeding useful traits. The genetic basis of underlying processes remains unclear.

This project will unlock the genetic potential of moth bean by assembling a reference genome by de novo genome sequencing. Working with partners at Deep Seq, the team will sequence the whole moth bean genome. They will compare this genome to a close relative of moth mean, Mung bean, providing useful insights into the evolutionary history of Vigna spp.

This project is funded by the Future Food Beacon Innovation Fund.

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