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Green Chemicals

Bioengineering the next global industrial revolution, remaking the building blocks of the modern economy.

The world economy produces goods in enormous quantities. Many of the materials that make these goods are manufactured inefficiently, unsustainably and unimaginatively. We believe the next global industrial revolution will be driven by a step change in the creation of these materials. There will be significant economic rewards for those countries and companies pushing the boundaries of biotechnology.

Discovering carbon-neutral solutions for a sustainable future

Green Chemicals

Bringing together our world-leading expertise in synthetic and computational biology, the Green Chemicals beacon is harnessing the power of the genome, reprogramming microorganisms to transform materials at a cellular level. With our extraordinary track-record of industrial collaboration, we are creating a cutting-edge biotechnology platform that will unleash economic potential for our partners and governments. We are already seeing transformational impacts on the agriculture, industry and health sectors.

Meet our experts

Alex Conradie
Green Chemicals Director and Chair in Sustainable Chemical Processing

Peter Licence
Director of GSK Carbon Neautral Laboratory

Derek Irvine
Professor of Materials Chemistry

Steve Howdle
Head of School of Chemistry

Victor Sans Sangorrin
Assistant Professor

Gill Stephens
Professor of Bioprocess Engineering

Cameron Alexander
Professor of Polymer Therapeutics

Frankie Rawson
Nottingham Research Fellow

Samantha Bryan
Senior Research Scientist

Dave Barrett
Professor in Analytical Bioscience

Dong-hyun Kim
Assistant Professor in Analytical Biosceince

Adrienne Davis
Head of Analytical Services

Edward Lester
The Lady Trent Professor of Chemical Engineering

Michael George
Professor of Chemistry

Martyn Poliakoff
Research Professor of Chemistry

Jon McKechnie
Assistant Professor

Ioanna Dimitriou
Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering

Tania Dottorini
Assistant Professor in Bioinformatics

Richard Emes
Professor of Bioinformatics

Jonathan Hirst
Professor of Computational Chemistry

Elena Besley
Professor of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Nicholas Besley
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Richard Wheatley
Associate Professor and Reader in Theoretical Chemistry

Francesca Paradisi
Associate Professor in Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering

Anca Pordea
Assistant Professor

Anne Croft
Associate Professor

Christof Jaeger
Assistant Professor




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