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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology.

The Centre (CBET) has grown out of a strong desire to combine research in biblical studies with work in philosophical and constructive theology, especially in ethics.

The centre enables biblical scholars to work alongside philosophical and constructive theologians; it promotes the idea of the Bible as a text and a phenomenon which can and should be integrated into contemporary discussion, including theological discourse on belief and practice.

Old Bible
CBET aims to combine the theological study of the Bible with the study of ethics and constuctive and philosophical theology.

Key aims and expertise

CBET promotes the idea of the Bible as a first principle that should provide the backbone of contemporary theological discussions of belief and practice.

In contributing to the public discourse regarding ethical and theological issues, CBET aims to be attentive to biblical tradition and responsive to the challenges of a secular society, seeking to foster dialogue across the religious-secular divide whilst respecting faith commitments. It will also advocate for the integrated study of the Bible and theology amongst clergy and laity.  

As a research-led centre, CBET aims to address the internal fragmentation of academic theology and enable biblical scholars to work side by side with philosophical and systematic theologians. Based in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham alongside the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, CBET represents a unique initiative to combine the historical and theological study of the Bible with the study of ethics and systematic and philosophical theology, both in the academy and in the community.

CBET offers graduate students and career academics the opportunity to bridge the divide between these fields and offers public access to the expertise of researchers within the Centre through occasional study days and the resources provided on this site.


Wellness, Illness and the Psalms

On 13 October 2018, the Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology hosted an all-day workshop on Wellness, Illness and the Psalms

Please visit the event page to find out more information.

Featured video

Why Study Sex and Ethics in the Hebrew Bible

Dr Carly Crouch and Tara Van De Wiele here explore the variety of approached we find in the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament to the questions of sexual ethics.

Many people ask ‘what does the bible say about sex and ethics’ and assume that there is a simple and consistent answer in the form of a set of ‘do’s and don’ts’! It emerges that there is no consistent teaching, but an awareness that life gets complicated! The video looks at how sexual questions are examine in a legal text (Deuteronony 22), the narrative of Tamar and Judah (Genesis 38), and the erotic love poetry of the Song of Songs. Moreover, modern views on women as responsible for their own sexuality sets a question mark over any attempt to see the Hebrew Bible as setting out a universally applicable framework.





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Theology Research Seminar 23 October - Megan Loumagne

Hemsley B7
Megan Loumagne, University of Nottingham - Inheriting Sin: Original Sin and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

Theology Research Seminar 30 October - Jon Hoover

Hemsley B7
Jon Hoover, University of Nottingham - Ibn Taymiyya and the Spatial Extent of God

Biblical Seminar - Celia-Jayne Matthews

C53 Humanities Building
Celia-Jayne Matthews - 'Using Judas: What Early Depictions of Judas Iscariot can tell us about their Authors'.
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