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World Community Grid

The University of Nottingham are partners with the World Community Grid, donating computer time to solve humanitarian problems.


Join the Nottingham team effort  

World Community Grid's Nottingham team members.
Dr Anna Croft and her research group are part of the World Community Grid Nottingham team

What is World Community Grid?

World Community grid has a vision, that each of the world's estimated one billion computers could be linked to focus on humanity's most pressing issues.

Joining the IBM Corporation and a group of more than 400 companies, associations, foundations, nonprofits, government agencies and academic institutions, the Nottngham team will try to make that vision a reality.

Results on critical health and sustainability challenges have already been achieved, demonstrating World Community Grid's potential to make significant inroads on a great range of future projects that can benefit the world.

How does it work?

World Community Grid uses grid technology to establish a permanent, flexible infrastructure that provides researchers with a readily available pool of computational power that can be used to solve problems confronting humanity. 

Grid technology joins together many individual computers, creating a large system with massive computational power that far exceeds the power of a few supercomputers. Importantly, World Community Grid is easy and safe to use. 


How can I help?

To join, individuals should go to World Community Grid's website and download and install a free, small software program on their computers. When idle, your computer will request data from World Community Grid's server. It will then perform computations using this data, send the results back to the server and prompt it for a new piece of work. 


For more information on this project please contact Dr Anna Croft

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