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Andrew Benest

Assistant Professor in Cancer Sciences, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



After completing my degree and PhD in the Department of Physiology, University of Bristol I first moved to Freiberg (south west Germany) and then followed the group to the DKFZ in Heidelberg, where i learnt how to study endothelial cell biology, in the context of angiogenesis and inflammation with Prof Hellmut Augustin. Moving to Leeds I struggled with GTPase biology in endothelial cells, but was able to contribute to exploring how NK cells regulate endothelial cell phenotypes during inflammation. This led to my next move to Nottingham, where i have worked on several projects involving endothelial cell biolgy and sensing the local environment; shear stress, growth factors, and inflammation. This resulted in my research area today of how the local endothelial microenvironment determines transcriptional changes in the endothelial cell and how this regulates its phenotype. I currently have projects involving transcription factors, hypoxia and extracellular matrix composition and in particular how this is important in vascular diseases, inflammation, cancer and eye disease

Expertise Summary

Endothelial cells



Transcription factors

Teaching Summary

I will be the Convenor of the "Hallmarks of Cancer" module in the forthcoming BSc and MSci Cancer Sciences courses

I contribute to the BMedSci course and also MSci in Neuroscience

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Endothelial cell biology

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