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Skin disease is more than just skin deep


Skin conditions including fungal skin diseases, acne, and eczema, are among the most prevalent and disabling diseases worldwide, concludes a report published this week in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The high global burden of these diseases, which includes physical and psychosocial problems – leads the authors to propose that skin disease prevention and treatment should be included in national and global health policies.

Professor Hywel Williams, the only British author on the paper states, 'I am always surprised how little attention is given to skin disease globally and why it is so often trivialised compared with other diseases.  The fact remains that skin disease is extremely common and has considerable psychological impacts as well as physical symptoms.  A little bit of harm affecting a lot of people adds up to a very large burden in absolute terms.'

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Posted on Tuesday 5th November 2013

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