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BJD Editorial Trainee Vacancy


The Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) is excited to be teaming up with the British Journal of Dermatology in order to support a 'BJD Editorial Trainee' to be appointed in early 2015. 

For the trainee, the benefits will be to gain inside information on how publishing works and to obtain training in publication, which might benefit their career. Most importantly, they should emerge from this two year training with a good understanding of how the peer-review process works and insights and knowledge about publication ethics and the mechanics of publication. Additionally, it is hoped that this prestigious position will attract the brightest and best candidates and will make a strong contribution to applicants' CVs.

Editorial trainees have an important role in helping the BJD to be vibrant and relevant to all dermatologists, especially those in the early years of their careers. Deadline for applications is Friday 19th December 2014.

For more information about this post, please see the job advertisement and the job description.

If you are interested in applying for this post please send:

  • letter of application
  • letters of support from educational supervisors and training programme director
  • 500 word essay explaining why you have applied and what you hope to gain from the experience

Applications to be sent via e-mail to Professor Alex Anstey Alex.Anstey@wales.nhs.uk


Posted on Tuesday 23rd September 2014

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