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Coverture: An overture to COVID-19

Professor Hywel Williams has composed an overture to COVID-19. He comments:

“Something inside me compelled me to compose this piece of music that conveys the ups and downs of the current COVID-19 pandemic. I have called the overture to COVID “Coverture” – I hope it moves you in some way. The music start and ends with a sombre hymn – a sort of blend of Rachmaninov and Welsh chapel. Then we run into a 6:8 movement that articulates on the minor 3rd giving with some mysteries that are only partially revealed. It runs from light to dark and then builds up into some relief. You might hear an influence of Debussy there. Then comes the second infection wave and half of a third wave and finally the hymn again, but this time ending on a note of hope in the new world we find ourselves in. Listen in a darkened room at the end of the day on an MP3 player rather than your phone – oh and yes, with a glass of wine. Please feel free to share.”
Posted on Tuesday 26th May 2020

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