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PhD Studentship Opportunity at CEBD


“Understanding the patient experience of isotretinoin for severe acne: informing better resources for patients and planning future clinical trials”

This Ph.D will explore being prescribed and taking isotretinoin for severe acne; it will focus upon the concerns that people have and the benefits/difficulties that they experience. Severe acne can have significant impact on quality of life, can be stigmatising, can have consequences for physical and mental health. Isotretinoin is an effective but contentious treatment, with concerns about possible side-effects. In the UK up to 30, 000 people per annum are prescribed isotretinoin for acne. Previous research has stressed concerns and anxieties about isotretinoin, but little has focused upon the experience of starting treatment and the treatment journey.

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The closing date is 01 May 2024

Posted on Thursday 21st March 2024

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