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Systematic reviews on cellulitis 

Do you struggle to find the latest evidence about major skin disorders and their treatments? If so our maps of systematic reviews are for you.

This page is a mapping by topic of systematic reviews on cellulitis, based on searches of PubMed and other sources. Links are given to the PubMed abstract, or the original publication if not in PubMed.

Please note that this resource is about cellulitis, a potentially serious infection of the deeper layers of skin, and is not about cellulite.

It is important to appraise the quality of systematic reviews before applying to practice—we recommend the AMSTAR tool, which is very quick and easy to use.
We hope you find this resource helpful and welcome feedback.




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Epidemiology and aetiology

Risk factors
Diagnosis & evaluation
Disease impact
Trial methodology



Prophylactic antibiotics
Surgical interventions
Treatment of predisposing factors



Antibiotic plus oral corticosteroid
Vibration therapy
Chinese herbal medicine


Orbital cellulitis

Orbital cellulitis

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