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Systematic reviews on vitiligo

Do you struggle to find the latest evidence about major skin disorders and their treatments? If so our maps of systematic reviews are for you.

This page is a mapping by topic of systematic reviews on vitiligo, based on searches of PubMed and other sources. Links are given to the PubMed abstract, or the original publication if not in PubMed.

It is important to appraise the quality of systematic reviews before applying to practice—we recommend the AMSTAR tool, which is very quick and easy to use.

We hope you find this resource helpful and welcome feedback.




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Epidemiology and aetiology


Aetiology & risk factors

2018 Serum homocysteine, folate, and vitamin B12 levels in patients with vitiligo and their potential roles as disease activity biomarkers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

2018 Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism, serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels, and risk of vitiligo: A meta-analysis

2018 The role of interleukins in vitiligo: A systematic review

2018 Critical appraisal of the oxidative stress pathway in vitiligo: a systematic review and meta-analysis

2017 Association of protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 22 +1858C→T polymorphism and susceptibility to vitiligo: Systematic review and meta-analysis

2016 Meta-analysis of the association between vitiligo and the level of superoxide dismutase or malondialdehyde

2016 Meta-analysis of the association between vitiligo and human leukocyte antigen-A

2016 Glutathione peroxidase level in patients with vitiligo: a meta-analysis

2016 Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels are associated with vitiligo: a systematic review and meta-analysis

2015 Meta-analysis of the TNF-α-308G/A polymorphism and vitiligo risk

2015 The association between tumor necrosis factor-α-308 G/A polymorphism and risk for vitiligo: a meta-analysis

2015 Associations between TNF-α polymorphisms and susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis and vitiligo: a meta-analysis

2015 Lack of association between cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4+49A/G polymorphism and psoriasis and vitiligo: A meta-analysis of case-control studies

2015 Association of Apal and Bsml polymorphisms with vitiligo risk: a meta-analysis

2015 Lack of association between the 389C>T polymorphism (rs769217) in the catalase (CAT) gene and the risk of vitiligo: an update by meta-analysis

2015 Interventions for vitiligo (Cochrane Review)

2014 Association of the 389 C/T polymorphism of the catalase gene with susceptibility to vitiligo: a meta-analysis

2014 Association of glutathione S-transferase M1/T1 polymorphisms with susceptibility to vitiligo

2014 Decreased copper and zinc in sera of Chinese vitiligo patients: a meta-analysis

2013 Association of ACE gene I/D polymorphism with vitiligo: a meta-analysis

2013 The angiotensin-converting enzyme gene insertion/deletion polymorphism in Indian patients with vitiligo: a case-control study and meta-analysis

2013 The CTLA-4 +49 A/G, CT60 A/G and PTPN22 1858 C/T polymorphisms and susceptibility to vitiligo: a meta-analysis

2012 Meta-analysis reveals an association of PTPN22 C1858T with autoimmune diseases, which depends on the localization of the affected tissue

2012 Genome-wide association analyses identify 13 new susceptibility loci for generalized vitiligo

2011 The polymorphism of catalase T/C codon 389 in exon 9 and vitiligo susceptibility: a meta-analysis

2009 CTLA4 and generalized vitiligo: two genetic association studies and a meta-analysis of published data

2007 Association of vitiligo with HLA-A2: a meta-analysis



Diagnosis & evaluation

Disease impact & treatment cost-effectiveness

Topical treatments 

Topical corticosteroids

Topical calcineurin inhibitors

Topical vitamin D analogues

Topical pseudocatalase/dismutase superoxide

Topical 5-fluorouracil

Topical melagenina

Note: Other topical treatments used in combination therapies are included under "Phototherapy"

Systemic treatments

Oral corticosteroids

2016 Interventions for vitiligo (summary of Cochrane Review)

2015 Interventions for vitiligo (Cochrane Review)

2011 Vitiligo in adults and children (BMJ Clinical Evidence)


Oral levamisole

2015 Interventions for vitiligo (Cochrane Review)

2011 Vitiligo in adults and children (BMJ Clinical Evidence)


Oral ginkgo biloba

Oral antioxidants—vitamin E, Polypodium, L-phenylalanine, vitamin B12, folic acid & zinc sulphate


2015 Interventions for vitiligo (Cochrane Review)

Note: Other oral treatments used in combination therapies are included under "Phototherapy"

Phototherapy (including combination therapies)

Phototherapy - sunlight

Phototherapy - broadband UVB

Phototherapy - narrowband UVB

Phototherapy - monochromatic excimer lamp (UVB)

Phototherapy - excimer laser

Phototherapy – UVA

Phototherapy – topical PUVA (psoralen plus UVA)

Phototherapy – oral PUVA (psoralen plus UVA) & PUVAsol

Phototherapy - topical khellin plus UVA

Surgical interventions

Cultured cellular transplantation

Non-cultured cellular transplantation

Punch grafts/mini-grafts

Blister grafts

Split-thickness grafts

2015 Interventions for vitiligo (Cochrane Review)

Laser ablation — Er-YAG & fractional CO2 lasers

Other treatments

Psychological & educational

Chinese herbal medicine

Complementary & alternative therapies


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