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Members of the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (CLABS) are currently engaged in a number of research projects.

The principal ones are detailed below, together with some details of significant past projects.

For more information about the individual research of CLABS members, please see the staff research page.

Belt buckle, 6th-7th century
6th-7th century belt buckle, Walters Museum, Baltimore

Current projects

Caistor Roman Project: Since 2006 principal investigator William Bowden from The University of Nottingham has been working with the Norfolk Archaeological Trust who own the site, to investigate this important Roman town. In 2014 the project secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. For further information see the Caistor Roman Project website.

The Butrint Project: An interdisciplinary research project focused on the ancient and medieval town of Butrint on the coast of southern Albania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. William Bowden has been a member of the project since its inception, working on the Roman and late antique phases of the site, and has published a number of reports on the excavations. For further information please see The Butrint Foundation website.

Northwest Europe in the Early Middle Ages, AD 600–1200: A monograph by Christopher Loveluck, funded by the British Academy and the AHRC, published by Cambridge University Press 2013.

Viking-Age Stavnsager, Denmark: This research project, co-directed by Christopher Loveluck and principally funded by The British Academy, aims to shed light on the nature of one of the largest and materially most wealthy settlement concentrations yet discovered in southern Scandinavia, located at Stavnsager, near Randers in northeast Jutland, Denmark.

The Transition to Late Antiquity: The aim of this programme, directed by Andrew Poulter, is to explain the dramatic physical and economic changes identified during the excavations at the Roman city of Nicopolis ad Istrum, Bulgaria to seek an explanation why the traditional Roman city was transformed in the 5th century.

Warfare in the Roman world: A monograph by Doug Lee, for Cambridge University Press's Key Themes in Ancient History series (forthcoming).

Current and recent collaborations

Diaporit Roman Villa: William Bowden, The Butrint Foundation

Flixborough Anglo-Saxon Settlement project: Christopher Loveluck, English Heritage, Humber Archaeology Partnership/Humber Field Archaeology

The Late Roman City: Nicopolis ad Istrum: Andrew Poulter

Past projects

Additional projects and publications to those listed above can be viewed on the relevant pages on the Department of Archaeology website and under the Staff research and Publications pages on the CLABS website. They include:

  • The Alamanni and Rome 213-496 (Caracalla to Clovis), a monograph by John Drinkwater, published by Oxford University Press (2007)
  • Ambrose and John Chrysostom: Clerics between City and Desert, a monograph by Wolf Liebeschuetz, published by Oxford University Press (2011) 

Doctoral projects

See our PhD Research page for a full list of current and completed projects by our doctoral students.


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