Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)

Testing Equipment

In-situ Particle Velocity and Temperature Measurement

Accuraspray 4.0

AccuraSpray 4.0 

(In-line thermal spray sensor that measures the spray plume temperature, velocity, dimension, orientation, intensity and stability. 4.0 can be used for Suspension & Solution Precusor due to special measurment techniques)


Particle image velocimetry

DPV 2000 

(The benchmark for monitoring in-flight particle dynamics. It measures individual particle velocity, temperature and size.)




High Temperature Tribometer 1000 C

(Pin-on-disc or ball-on-disc configuration with controlled environment with/ without lubrication with a load capacity of 1-60 N. Fully instrumented for wear depth and coefficient of friction). 


Room Temperature Tribometer (2)

Room Temperature Tribometer 

(0-60 N in various lubricating, controlled environment condition to measure CoF and wear. Fully instrumented.)


Corrosion Testing

High Temperature Controlled Environemnt Test Rig

Controlled Environment High Temperature (Hot Corrosion) Rig

(Deposit induced hot corrosion Type I & II tests for thousands of hours including carburising, sulfidation. Mass flow controllers to deliver gases.)


Steam oxidation test rig

Steam Oxidation Test Rig 

(Oxidation in atmospheric pressure in flowing steam for thousands of hours.)


steam rig

Thermal Cyclic Flowing Steam Recession Rig for Environmental Barrier Coatings 

(A rig capable of O2 & steam at mid-low velocity in alumina free enviroment for steam recession with a transfer rig upto 1500 C.) 


Box furnace

Box Furnace 



Furnace Cycling Test (FCT)

(TBC samples are subjected to isothermal thermal cycling to test the lifecycle of the sample. The samples will be forced cool down to room temperature as soon as possible. Up to 1500 C. Digital image capture to identify failure and accurate sample temperature measurement.)



Burner Test Rig (BRT)

(TBC samples are subjected to a thermal gradient testing to mimic the real life condition in the turbine engine. CMAS in thermal gradient. 5 min heating and 3 minutes cooling cycle with IR camera, pyrometer and thermocouples. Gases conrolled through mass flow controllers for flame temp with cooling air.)


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