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Recent Activities

Four schools and almost 290 children attended this autumn’s Vikings and Anglo-Saxons for Schools workshops, more than ever before! We were thrilled to welcome so many prospective Vikings and Anglo-Saxons in our university halls, and enjoyed five mornings filled with runic messages, weapon displays, tracing the origin of Nottinghamshire place names, Viking burials and a lot of interesting questions, like “Did Viking women wear high heels?”

Not quite; general consesus agreed that high heels would have been too impractical on a Viking farm, but instead Vikings had the items shown in the picture below.

To those who are already in the secret: sssh!

And to those who would like to find out about these items, keep your eyes open for our next activities!



Replicas taken from the handling collection of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons for Schools project. Image © E. Magin

School experiences

“The volunteers were very professional and well-prepared, as well as passionate. They pitched their sessions just at the right level for the age group, and we appreciated it very much that they communicated with us in advance to tie in their activities with what we were doing. The output from our pupils has been great.”

- John Clifford School -

Volunteer experiences

“Working with the children is so much fun, and they’re so interested in what we have to show them. It’s just a really good experience, and helps me understand what I’m studying Vikings for.”

- volunteer -



all about weapons
While Vikings may not have been all about weapons, this pupil certainly was!
learning about everything
Whereas this pupil had a slightly different view on the day ...



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