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What do employers need to know about managing people who develop dementia while in employment?


Public Health England is funding a project to find out what employers need to know about working age dementia. With the abolition of the default retirement age in the UK, many more people will be working at older ages than before.

Professors Amanda Griffiths and Tom Dening, of the Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, School of Medicine, with Dr Louise Thomson (Institute of Mental Health) and Honorary Professor Richard Heron (President of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine), are beginning work on a project to find out about employers’ knowledge and experiences. They plan to do a further, larger-scale study to follow on from this scoping work.

Professor Griffiths said: “We are grateful to Public Health England for their support in enabling us to start the groundwork. Many employers are increasingly concerned to manage cognitive impairment sensitively and fairly, and are aware that the issue will become more common in future years.”


Find out more about Dementia Research at the School of Medicine.

Posted on Thursday 9th October 2014

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