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Aislinn Gomez Bergin

Transitional Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science



Dr Aislinn Gomez Bergin is a Transitional Assistant Professor.

Teaching Summary

Dr Aislinn Bergin supervises both PhD students and students on the Mental Health Research and Practice MSc

Research Summary

Dr Gomez Bergin's research is at the intersection of emerging technologies and mental health, involving a programme of work which is aiming to bring together diverse groups of experts by experience,… read more

Recent Publications

Bergin, A.D., Brown, S., Martin, J., Craven, M., Robotham, D., Andleeb, H. (2021). Addressing implementation and sustainability in digital mental health: lessons from the gameChange virtual reality project. Evidence and Implementation Summit

Bergin, A.D. (2020). Mental health and Covid-19: What does the future hold? (webinar)

Bergin, A.D. & Davies, E.B. (2020). Digital Mental Health: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff. Tackling mental health challenges amongst young people finding solutions to digital problems (webinar)

Andleeb, H., Bergin, A., Robotham, D., Brown, S., & Martin, J. (2020). Relevant involvement and how it can improve implementation for novel digital mental health interventions. Proceedings of the Virtual 3 rd UK Implementation Science Research Conference. In Implementation Science (Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 1-22)

Bergin, A.D. MindTech Debate: "This house believes that the NICE recommendation for digital CBT for children and young people with depression is not deliverable". (Panellist). MindTech Symposium: New Frontiers for Digital Mental Health: Implementation & Impact

Bergin, A.D. (2019) Technology-as-Advocate. Digital Mental Health - What's Happening Now?

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Bergin, A. (2016) Technology-as-Advocate. Ull, Ireland

Bergin, A (2016) Introduction to E-Mental Health. BACP Practitioner's Conference

D Health Catalyst Event, Edinburgh - Panel Discussion: Regulation, Regulation: The influence of regulatory issues on strategy.

13th WONCA World Rural Health Conference 2015, Dubrovnik Workshop: Mental Health Apps

Technology for Wellbeing International Conference, Dublin 2014 - Workshop: The dichotomies within e-mental health research

Mental Health and Wellbeing, How Can We Do Better? CPTPC, Shrewsbury - Poster: Introduction to Digital Mental Health

Current Research

Dr Gomez Bergin's research is at the intersection of emerging technologies and mental health, involving a programme of work which is aiming to bring together diverse groups of experts by experience, policymakers, industry, researchers, and other relevant parties to empower more responsible and trustworthy innovation in the development, evaluation, and implementation of emerging technologies in mental health. She is a co-investigator on the RAi Keystone addressing the socio-technical limitations of Large Language Models in medical and social computing, leading on Responsible Research and Innovation and the scoping of requirements criteria through engagement with diverse stakeholders.

Past Research

Aislinn was a research fellow at MindTech from 2018 to 2023. Whilst there, she worked on two work-packagesfocusing on implementation and commercialisation for the exciting and prestigious gameChange project on the use of immersive virtual reality to help people with psychosis who get anxious in everyday situations. She has also contributed chapters on clinical mental health and health economics to a report on the Growing Value of XR in Healthcare which highlighted how VR therapies and interventions can support the NHS to improve the healthcare of our nation.

Aislinn has experience working with industry and across different sectors. She has supported the development of value propositions and informed business cases for digital mental health companies, from SMEs to large enterprises.

She was also a co-lead for an Emerging Minds special interest research group for Young Peoples' Involvement in Digital Mental Health (YPii DMH), where she facilitated networking and involvement opportunities for young people and stakeholders within digital mental health.

Previous research has covered the use and development of digital mental health outside of the clinical environment using an adapted grounded theory study and qualitative research addressing the experiences of mental health service users and clinicians in rural areas. Within Healthwatch, Aislinn led on several health and social care projects including accessibility, mental health, and dignity in care homes along with Local Authority tendered research involving healthy eating in children and young people and pathways to health. This meant working closely with volunteers and within local communities, health and social care services, and schools. She has also worked delivering and evaluating courses in sexual health and life skills for younger people, outcome measure adoption in counselling centres, and as a consultant in digital mental health.

Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing

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