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Improving statistics teaching

Improving statistics teachingTeaching Resources for Applying Numeracy and Statistics for Objective Research Methods (TRANSFORM) is a major cross-disciplinary project. Its aims are to develop and disseminate resources that support the teaching and learning of applied statistics and research methods across courses in the sciences, social sciences, medicine and veterinary medicine.

Ecology lecturer Dr Tom Reader is leading this project involving the universities of Nottingham and Birmingham.
The project is split into three phases:

  1. Information gatheringThe team is investigating current practice through surveys and focus groups, with students identifying the most valued resources. The aim is to identify best practice and common problems experienced by learners. Academic workshops will identify the most commonly taught concepts.
  2. Resource developmentThe central focus will be to update, enhance and expand the university’s online resource: Statistics: an Intuitive Introduction. The resource will be developed to include a range of engaging media, a wider range of concepts, and discipline-specific examples and guides on how to apply techniques in common statistical software packages.
  3. ImplementationThe enhanced learning platform, along with other resources and teaching innovations, will be launched to staff and students at Nottingham and Birmingham in [can we say when?]. Researchers will also release accessible resources to the wider community to promote our courses to future undergraduates.

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