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Seminar: IBD Fatigue Study Proposal

D Floor, Medical School, NDDC Seminar Room, Nottingham, QMC, West Block link
Friday 6th October 2017 (13:00-14:00)

Title: Non-invasive approaches to identify the cause of fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease patients

Speaker: Jordan McGing, PhD student


Inflammatory bowel disease fatigue is a frequent complaint in Crohn’s disease patients regardless of disease activity. The pathogenesis of this debilitating symptom remains poorly understood. As a result, current therapeutic interventions are sparse and lack experimental efficacy. Available data demonstrate medium-to-large effect sizes for impaired cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength when comparing fatigued and non-fatigued IBD patients. This suggests that reductions in cardiorespiratory fitness and peripheral muscle deconditioning may mediate fatigue in this cohort. Here, we propose to investigate the contributions of these physical fitness variables to the development of fatigue in IBD patients in remission.

Sandwiches and refreshments provided.

Venue: NDDC seminar room, D Floor, QMC, link between Medical School and West Block, QMC

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