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StressFree is a joint collaborative project between the Human Factors Research Group (HFRG), UsTwo (London mobile apps agency), Penrillian, HWComms and Samsung.

The aim of StressFree is to design a mobile phone application for London travellers to support work and leisure journeys. The research aspect revolves around making the application context aware, so that information can be tailored around location, time and travel mode, enabled through the use of GPS and other positioning technology (e.g. wifi). The HFRG’s contribution is to understand user requirements and the types of travel behaviour that the application might support. Studies have so far looked at the flexibility of people’s commute options, amenability to mode change, people’s travel experiences and their use of mobile phones during their journey.

The StressFree project is funded by the Technology Strategy Board. For more information, email Dr Harshada Patel.


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