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"Keeping Children Safe at Home" Programme: Findings

Who are the intended audience?

The findings from the KCS programme will be targeted at a wide range of audiences:

  • Child health commissioners, who will need to know what interventions are  effective and cost effective.
  • Emergency department practitioners and members of the primary health care team who will need to know the risk factors for injury in pre-school children
  • Children’s Centre managers, voluntary sector organisations and partners such as community fire service staff which will need to know how they can work closely and in partnership with each other.
  • Researchers, who will want to learn about methodological issues and problems in a range of study designs and how to overcome them.
  • Trial participants and the wider population of the parents/ carers of pre-school children, who will want to know what works to prevent injuries and about parents/carers experiences of injuries and their prevention.


How will the findings be made available?

  • Publication in academic journals in the fields of injury epidemiology and prevention, child health, public health, health promotion and research methods.
  • Oral presentations and posters at conferences for academic and practitioner audiences, including local authority and health providers. 
  • Articles in practitioner publications targeting local authorities, health providers, voluntary organisations and the charity sector.
  • Newsletters to local authorities, health providers and participants during the course of the study.
  • Targeted feedback specific to audiences such as professional bodies (e.g. FPH, RCPCH etc), strategic bodies (e.g. DH, strategic directors/DPH’s in local authorities, strategic directors in commissioning bodies).
  • Networks in related fields such as Children’s Centres  

Current publications

The programme team have already published many articles related to injury prevention in the home, including:

    • Kendrick, D, Maula A, Reading R, Hindmarch P, Coupland C, Watson M, Hayes M, Deave T. Risk and protective factors for falls from furniture in young children: multicentre case-control study. JAMA Pediatrics 2015;169(2)145-153
    • Kendrick D, Young B, Mason-Jones AJ, Ilyas N, Achana FA, Cooper NJ, Hubbard SJ, Sutton AJ, Smith S, Wynn P, Mulvaney C, Watson MC, Coupland C. Home safety education and provision of safety equipment for injury prevention. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012, Issue 9. Art. No.: CD005014. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD005014.pub3

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