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Laxton: England's Last Open Field Village

Sir Clive Granger A48
Friday 26th April 2019 (19:30-21:00)
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Laxton: England’s Last Open Field Village

Professor John Beckett, University of Nottingham

Laxton is unique. It is the only village in England which still has a working manor court, protected by legislation (1987). It has never been fully enclosed, and so it offers us an opportunity to studying the pre-enclosure landscape, fields, furlongs, strips and names galore. John Beckett has been researching and advising on the history of the village for thirty years. He is President of the Laxton History Group, and a trustee of the village’s Visitors’ Centre. In this talk he will be telling us something about the village and its history, and also about the current position, where the owner, the Crown Estate Commission, is trying to sell the property but to ensure that the historical traditions at Laxton are maintained.

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