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Members of the INS are actively involved with research projects and outreach events with the local community. They also run and participate in a range of lectures and seminars. Fieldwork is also a popular event at all levels of study.

Keep up to date with all the latest INS news and events by viewing the links below.

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Cameron lectures

Find out more about the Cameron lectures run by the INS

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Research seminars

INS seminars for UoN staff and students

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Public engagement

The INS's public engagement activities

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Past events

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Staff and students based in the INS frequently undertake field work to help bring the study of place-names alive. For example, students on the MA in Viking and Early Medieval English Studies travel to Appleby Magna in Leicestershire, where they undertake a place-names related walk around the Leicestershire countryside which has been devised by INS staff, Dr Jayne Carroll and Dr John Baker. Sites visited include the old Roman road, Salt Street, which forms the boundary between Leicestershire and Warwickshire, and the meeting point of the four counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Warwickshire.

The study of place-names often involves active and hands-on experience like this and offers students numerous opportunities to get out into the field and explore the places first-hand.

Download a free guide to the Appleby walk [PDF]


Impact of the coronavirus on events

As you'll appreciate many events are currently disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. We expect opportunities to run as usual from the academic year 2022/23, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Please visit us again soon for more upcoming events.


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