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Digital Exposure of English Place-Names (DEEP)

This project, funded by JISC, has digitised the Survey of English Place-Names. Data from this project has been used to produce The Historical Gazetteer of England's Place-Names.

The Digital Exposure of English Place-Names (DEEP)
Survey of English Place-Names


The English Place-Name Society (EPNS) was founded in 1923 with the principal aim of publishing a county-by-county survey that would explain the linguistic origins of England's place-names. The 89 volumes of the survey that have since been published now exist in digital format thanks to the DEEP project, which ran from November 2011 to October 2013.

Through digitising the Survey, which was already frequently used by name‑studies specialists and scholars in the related fields of History, Archaeology, Linguistics, and Historical Geography, this project aimed to open up the resource to a much wider audience.

Work on the digital Survey continues at the University of Nottingham and it is expected to go live soon.

Collaborative partners

The DEEP project was a collaborative venture between INS members and a number of external research partners. 

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The digital Survey was created by the web technologies team at The University of Nottingham:

  • Shaun Hare
  • Adam Cooper
  • Mike Gardner
  • Ian Wilson
  • Ian White

External collaborative partners were as follows:

The Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, Queen's University Belfast

  • Dr Paul Ell
  • Mrs Elaine Yeates
  • Mr David Hardy
  • Mrs Karleigh Kelso
  • Mr Anthony Anderson
  • Mr Brian Hardy
  • Miss Emma McGurk
  • Miss Brigid Sloane
  • Miss Samantha Stelgis

The Language Technology Group, University of Edinburgh

Dr Claire Glover

Edina, University of Edinburgh

The Department of Digital Humanities



Volumes of the Survey are available to purchase from the English Place-Name Society (EPNS).

In return for the annual subscription to the EPNS, members receive free of charge the current issue of the Journal as well as the volume of the Survey allocated to that year's subscription. They are entitled to order, in addition, at a concessionary price, any available volume of the Survey. Associate Members, who pay a reduced subscription, receive the Journal and have limited options on the Survey volumes.

All members are offered free access to the DEEP resource.

For subscription and general inquiries, please contact the EPNS.

Key team members

  • Dr Jayne Carroll
  • Dr Kelly Kilpatrick
  • Dr Melanie Heeley
  • Mrs Sarah Beach
  • Dr Darcey Gillie

DEEP in numbers

  • 80+ years of scholarship
  • 32 English counties
  • 86 volumes
  • 6157 elements
  • 30,517 pages
  • c. 4,000,000 individual place-name forms


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