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'Communicating in the Medieval Bed & Chamber' - December Reading Group Session

Wednesday 10th December 2014 (15:00-16:00)

Our next session is approaching rapidly, given the Christmas break, so we look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday 10th December, 3-4pm, Trent A35, for Dr. Hollie Morgan’s session on ‘“Talking in Bed Ought to be Easiest”: Communicating in the Medieval Bed & Chamber’. Hollie will be presenting an introductory paper on the topic in the first half of the session, so even if you are not a medieval expert please do come along to learn more about this fascinating period of history!

Please see below and attached for the session readings:

  • I'm looking at a few things in this session, but to start with I will be focusing on Havelok the Dane. If people are feeling adventurous, here is the Middle English text (it's not hard ME, so should be fairly comprehensible):
  • If people are less inclined to a bit of olde Englande, here is a passable translation:
  • Finally, attached is a picture of pretty much the only surviving late medieval English bed, which will lead us nicely into a discussion about its iconography and what we know about it [NB: This image will be circulated to those on the mailing list ahead of the session].

As usual, all staff and PG students are welcome, so do come along, have a mince pie, and learn things you never knew about medieval beds!

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