The Landscape Space Place Research Group

Moral Landscapes and Behaviour

Trent A35
Wednesday 30th March 2016 (15:00-16:00)

Our next session will be led by Alex Harby, a PhD student from the School of Geography. Alex will be talking about 'Moral Landscapes and Behaviour' and has kindly provided the following introduction to the topic:

One of my research interests is the use of representations of “moral landscapes” to influence the behaviours of populations. By “moral landscape” I mean a landscape that is associated with particular ethical codes, either by design or in how it is discussed. I’ve set three papers for this session, but don’t worry about reading and understanding all of them – I’d like the session to be a discussion of the idea of moral landscapes in general, rather than just being about these specific papers.

  • Ann Banfield, 'The Moral Landscape of Mansfield Park', NIneteenth-Century Fiction, 26:1 (1971), 1-24
  • Michael Longan, 'Playing with Landscape: Social Process and Spatial Form in Video Games', Aether, 11 (2008), 23-40
  • David Matless, 'Moral Geographies of English Landscape', Landscape Research, 22:2 (1997), 141-155

Papers will be circulated ahead of the session to everyone on our mailing list.

As always, all pg students and staff welcome!

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