The Landscape Space Place Research Group

Postcards and Identity

Trent A35
Wednesday 29th June 2016 (15:00-16:00)

Our final LSP Session for this academic year will be led by Seonaid Roger and will be on the topic of  ‘Postcards and Identity’. Seonaid has provided us with three texts and has offered the following introduction to the material and her session:

My session will be - as I'm sure you know by now - about my research on postcards from Israel/Palestine. I've included three readings here but don't feel obligated to read them all! One deals with tourism posters in the Yishuv (pre-1948) era of Israel/Palestine, another is more specifically about Israeli and Palestinian postcards and how they relate to national identity, and the Doron paper is more generally about mass communication in Israel. For the Doron paper you can read up to page 9, rather than the whole thing, as it's highly unlikely my research will extend post-1968.

I'm hoping everyone can provide a new perspective on the topics I'm dealing with. You don't have to come with knowledge of the history of Israel/Palestine - I'm mostly at this point in my research grappling with how to balance visual culture with the idea of the material object as it relates to postcards; and also I'm beginning to think about what to cover in the various chapters in my thesis, i.e. how to structure my thesis and what areas are most interesting/relevant. Hopefully the discussion will be pretty general and just be an opportunity to hear new ways of thinking about or approaching my research.

  • Kamal Boullata, 'Israeli and Palestinian Postcards: Presentations of National Self', Journal of Palestine Studies, 34.4 (2005), pp. 109-110
  • Gideon Doron, 'The Politics of Mass Communication in Israel', The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 555 (1998), pp. 163-179
  • Ayelet Kohn & Kobi Cohen-Hattab, 'Tourism posters in the Yishuv era: Between Zionist ideology and commercial language', Journal of Israeli History, 34:1, (2015), pp. 69-91

As usual, texts will be circulated to all on the mailing list in advance of the session.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there on the 29th!

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