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Tony Avery awarded the James MacKenzie Lecturer Silver Medal by the Royal College of General Practitioners


Professor Tony Avery delivered the 2016 James MacKenzie Lecture at the RCGP AGM on 18 November 2016.

The lecture highlighted some of the advances in therapeutics that place GPs at the forefront of reducing morbidity and mortality in the populations they serve. This is something that the GPs should feel proud about, but it is essential maintain the trust of patients by prescribing judiciously and safely in the light of widespread media concerns about prescribing errors and frequent ‘scares’ about medication side-effects.

In the lecture Tony provided a ‘prescription for safe and effective care’ by exploring a range of approaches that GPs can take to help ensure that patients gain maximum benefit from their medicines while limiting the risks of harm. This involves careful consideration of whether to prescribe, what to prescribe and how to prescribe, while working in partnership with patients and pharmacists and drawing upon accurate information at the point of decision-making.

The lecture also highlighted the importance of medication review and the role of the GP in dealing with polypharmacy.

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The James Mackenzie Lecture is delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Nominations for the lecturer are submitted to the Awards and Fellowship Committee of the College. The topic of the lecture usually relates to an aspect of clinical practice and is normally published in the British Journal of General Practice.



Posted on Monday 19th December 2016

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