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Gout study awarded £1.6 mln by NIHR HTA


A team of researchers from The University of Nottingham School of Medicine, Southampton University and Keele University led by Dr Abhishek (Clinical Associate Professor, The University of Nottingham) have been awarded £1.6 million by the National Institute for Health Research-Health Technology Assessment Board to examine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of using a goal-directed allopurinol-based treat-to-target protocol in people with recurrent gout attacks.

The other members of the Nottingham research team are Professors Michael Doherty, Maarten Taal, and Weiya Zhang, together with collaborators from Southampton University and Keele University.

This is a seven-year study and will be conducted in approximately 50 GP surgeries in the Midlands and the South West.   


Posted on Monday 24th September 2018

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