Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthritis

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Weiya Zhang

Professor of Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


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Weiya Zhang was qualified as a Bachelor of Medicine 1978-1983, and Master of Epidemiology 1983-1986 from Sichuan University Medical School. He received his PhD in Evidence Based Medicine in 1997 from the University of Nottingham. He was jointly funded scholar by the Chinese Education Ministry and British Council Technology Scheme and sponsored by the WHO as a honorary research officer at the Belfast MONICA 1991-1992, research fellow and course tutor in Aston University 1997-2002, senior lecturer 2002-2005,associate professor 2005-2011 and reader from 2011 in Nottingham University, and professor from 2015.

Weiya is the Theme lead on Treatment Efficacy and Real-world Evidence in the Pain Centre Versus Arthritis. He led the development of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) evidence based recommendations for osteoarthritis, gout and CPPD, the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI)Treatment Guidelines Part I-III. He is a member of the NICE osteoarthritis Clinical Guideline Development Committee, a member of the British Society of Rheumatology Gout Working Group, a member of the Arthritis Research UK Fellowship Implementation Committee, and a member of the Editorial board of Osteoarthritis & Cartilage. He is an active epidemiologist and evidence based medicine practitioner with special interests in osteoarthritis and gout. He has published over 250 articles with a H-index of 92.

Expertise Summary

Epidemiology, evidence based medicine, osteoarthritis and gout, comorbidities and multimorbidity

Teaching Summary

  • Clinical study design (BMeSci undergraduates)
  • Systematic review (N-trans postgraduates)
  • Meta-epidemiology (Specialists)

Research Summary

  • Epidemiology of osteoarthritis, gout and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Evidence based management of osteoarthritis and gout
  • Placebo and contextual effect of treatment

Recent Publications

Past Research

Weiya Zhang has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in the past 10 years in epidemiology, clinical trials, systematic reviews and evidence based guidelines in OA, gout and other musculoskeletal disorders. Of them, 2d4d finger ratio as a risk factor of OA, Nottingham knee OA risk prediction models, placebo effect in OA, NICE, European and global treatment guidelines for OA, and rising burden but poor management of gout are highly cited articles and widely used in clinical practice.

Future Research

  • Develop and evaluate a contextual enhancement therapy (CET)
  • Identify treatment responders in osteoarthritis

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