Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthritis
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The Sons of Gout study


Does your parent have gout?


Volunteers needed

We are carrying out a study to find out if sons of people with gout, who are yet to develop painful gouty arthritis, have high levels of uric acid in their bloods and silent uric acid crystal deposits in their joints.

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Key facts

1. What is gout?
Gout is an extremely painful arthritis which generally affects men. It is caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood which results in urate crystals being deposited inside the joints.
2. How many study participants do you need?
We need 250 participants in total.
3. Am I eligible to take part?
You are eligible to take part if one of your parents has or had gout and you have not yet been diagnosed with gout. You should also be older than 20 years in age.
4. How many study visits are required?
This study involves only one visit to the Nottingham City Hospital, which is likely to last for upto 2 hours. Travel expenses will be paid for attending the study visit.
5. What will happen at the study visit?
You will be asked to answer some questions about yourself, and a nurse will collect some blood and urine from you for measuring uric acid. After this, you will have ultrasound scan of your big-toes, ankles, knees, knuckles, wrists and elbows. You will also have a picture of your big-toe joint taken by a laser camera.
6. What can I do if I am found to have high uric acid levels in the blood, or have urate crystals in joints?
You will be advised to modify your diet and lifestyle if you are found to have a high level of uric acid in your blood or have uric acid crystal deposits in your joints. You may also be able to discuss tablet treatments with your GP if there is urate crystal deposition in your joint.
7. What will happen when the study ends?
You will be advised to modify your diet and lifestyle if you are found to have a high level of uric acid in your blood.


How to get involved

Please contact Senior Research Nurse, Mrs Wendy Jenkins by calling:

Direct line: 0115 8231762 or 07814118315

Texting: 07814118315

Email: goutstudy@nottingham.ac.uk





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