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4MW Demonstrator Project

4MW Demonstrator 1

This research project began in January 2017 with Siemens EAIR team (based in Ottobrunn, Germany), and then the team transitioned, in November 2019, to working with to Rolls Royce. PEMC developed a 4MW aerospace generator drive system demonstrator with a high speed multi-three phase generator and a modular 3kV active rectifier.

The aim of the work was to demonstrate gravimetric power densities above 20 kW/kg as required for multi-MW aircraft propulsion systems. A campaign of power tests was been carried out from January to November 2020 to validate the power capability of the drive and demonstrate its functionalities in the High Power Area laboratory at the University of Nottingham. The experimental results are in a good agreement with the simulations and design and show significant progress in the field of high power density electrical machines at the targeted power rating.


Key contacts for further info: pemc@nottingham.ac.uk or Dr Michele Degano 

Project team members: 

A. Trentin D. Gerada
G. Sala, Z. Xu
L. Tarisciotti A. La Rocca
A. Galassini C. N. Eastwick
M. Degano S. J. Pickering
P. H. Connor P. Wheeler
D. Golovanov J. C. Clare
  C. Gerada


Research papers associated with this project: 

“Research and Realisation of High-Power Medium Voltage Active Rectifier Concepts for Future Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Generation”, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (accepted 8th November 2020).

4MW Demonstrator 2


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