Electrical Machines

The Electrical Machines team within PEMC is experienced and dedicated to the multiphysics design, prototyping, and testing of motors and generators. The theme is active in the application areas of aerospace, automotive, industrial, and synchronous generators. There is a special interest in high speed machines, magnetic materials, hairpin windings and thermal management. 

PEMC Academics have expertise in the field of electric machines, researching and working on projects that cover the areas of:

Integrated dual airgap Axial Machine1
Integrated Dual Airgap Axial Machine
  • novel machine topologies
  • advanced control
  • diagnostics, health and usage monitoring

Technology Bricks for Electrification - Integration, Functional, Physical

  • HV-HF windings
  • PM-low loss rotor
  • modular converters
  • advanced machines
  • low loss materials
  • intensive cooling


PEMC Academics conducting research in Electrical Machines


Dr. Michele Degano

Specialises in - 

  • Electrical Machines and Drives
  • Aerospace Systems and Integration
Prof. Chris Gerada

Specialises in - 

  • Electrical Machines
  • Aerospace Facilities
Dr. Adam Walker

Specialises in - 

Dr. Gaurang Vakil

Specialises in-

  • Electrical Machines and Drives
  • Machine Design for Aerospace 
Dr. Tom Cox

Specialises in-

  • Electrical Machines
  • Contactless Drives
  • Pulse Power Applications


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