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Brad Hill

Clinical Assistant Professor Inequine Clinical Practice, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Brad is an equine vet who has spent most of his career in first opinion practice before joining the equine teaching team at Nottingham Vet School. During his time in practice, he realised the importance of mental flexibility and developed an interest in equine behaviour coupled with horse handling and restraint.

In addition, he has mentored many new graduates and this interest in preparing the next generation of vet students for modern day equine practice is a passion of his. He is keen to explore the balance between how practitioners can get their often-challenging work done safely with equine welfare.

As the LGBTQIA + Champion for the Vet School as part of a social minority group, I wish to explore further the stereotypical identity vets, endeavouring to keep the profession inclusive and diverse.

Teaching Summary

Equine Dentistry

Equine Behaviour

Equine Skills

Resilience in Clinical Practice

Equine Reproduction

Research Summary

RCVS MMI Sarah Brown Grant 2021 - Workplace Stressors and Reasonable Adjustments for Autistic Veterinary Professionals

Resilience in Equine Practice

Equine Behaviour

Survey of the opinions of veterinary undergraduate students about a career in equine veterinary practice

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