Stroke Rehabilitation Research

Stroke survivors to share stories at Nottingham conference


Stroke survivors from all over the UK will be gathering at The University of Nottingham next week to hear first hand about the latest research into diagnosis and treatment of the condition. 

Every year in the UK, over 150,000 people suffer a stroke. Of the 150,000, one third make a reasonable recovery, one third remain seriously disabled and, sadly, one third will die. One in six people will suffer a stroke at some point in their life. Stroke is more common in older people but in a quarter of cases it affects babies, young people and adults in the prime of life. 

The Nottingham Stroke Network, run by the University and the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, carries out extensive research and clinical trials dedicated to reducing the impact of stroke. It works closely with a group of stroke survivors, the Nottingham Stroke Research Partnership Group, who help to guide and inform research and take part in studies themselves. 

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Posted on Thursday 14th July 2016

Stroke Rehabilitation Research

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