Translational Infection Biology

Data analysis, machine learning and bioinformatics

Data analysis, bioinformatics and supervised and unsupervised machine learning are cohesive, synergistic disciplines with the ability to make a huge impact on the treatment and prevention of disease.

Here at the Translational Infection Biology Research Group, we merge these different disciplines and skills to develop novel bioinformatics and data analysis solutions. Together, we’re advancing the understanding and diagnosis of infectious diseases, as well as identifying the molecular mechanisms underpinning vector function in disease transmission.

Our interdisciplinary research sees us collaborating with colleagues from right across our research group – and far beyond. As a diverse, highly experienced team, we’re developing innovative bioinformatics tools, methods and solutions. We’re expanding our knowledge of infectious disease biology and paving the way for groundbreaking disease control strategies.

Ready-to-use, multidisciplinary experimental platforms

  • RNAseq, DNAseq, Chip-seq and methylation sequencing pipelines
  • Genome and gene annotation pipelines
  • Metagenomic pipelines
  • miRNA pipelines
  • Comparative genomics pipelines
  • SNP calling pipelines
  • Pathway pipelines
  • Phylogentic and 3D structural pipelines
  • Interactomics pipelines

Funding and collaboration

We work with leading experts from a wide range of organisations, as well as a diverse mix of funding bodies.


Publications in this field

Our team regularly publishes papers on data analysis, machine learning and bioinformatics in a whole range of respected journals.

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Our research team

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Meet our research team

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Translational Infection Biology

The University of Nottingham
School of Veterinary Medicine and Sciences
Sutton Bonington Campus
Nottingham, LE12 5RD

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