Health and Safety

What should be reported and why

It is crucial, as part of good health and safety management, that we have a record of all incidents relating to University activity, whether that be on or off campus. Incidents include accidents and near misses/dangerous occurrences (including fires) and the outcome could be actual or potential injuries or ill-health.

Incidents may arise in a work or study environment within our buildings, on our premises or during an off-site visit or fieldwork trip. Incidents may affect staff, students, visitors, contractors or members of the public and all should be reported.

Once reported through our formal systems, an investigation is triggered and enables the University to determine remedial action to minimise reoccurrence and to obtain useful learning both at a local and institutional level.  


These links take you directly to the current University systems for reporting incidents (accessible to all University of Nottingham members).

Serious Incidents

Legislative requirements for reporting serious incidents are linked adjacent.  


UoN Management Arrangements - Incident Reporting and Investigation

For the management arrangement on incident reporting and investigation (Awaiting Link) 

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