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The most important way of ensuring good health and safety is through an effective risk management strategy. Individuals must be aware of the hazards (i.e. things that can cause harm) involved in their work.  Whether for a simple task of lifting or a complex experimental procedure doing risk assessments is important.  The primary aim should be to prevent harm occurring, however it is recognised that this may not always be possible, in which case control measures should be identified that will as far as reasonably practicable reduce the risk of harm occurring to an acceptable level.

Risk assessment (as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations) should be the first step in deciding the control measures needed.

For advice within your Business Unit on local arrangements for carrying out and approving risk assessments, please contact your Health and Safety Coordinator.

Doing a risk assessment

The Health and Safety Department has produced template risk assessments to support you in doing suitable and sufficient assessments.

Training in the Principals of Risk Assessment

The Health and Safety Department offers Risk Assessment workshops that cover the principles of risk assessment and you may also request a bespoke course for your Business Unit (minimum 8 attendees).

Register for a risk assessment course

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