Health and Safety


Everyone should receive a health and safety induction within a short time of starting work / research at the University or when they move to a new business unit.

There is a University induction and this is then supplemented as appropriate by a Business Unit induction.

University level induction

Applicable to all staff and research students. Please see the university H&S induction short course, linked adjacent. 

If you are returning for the first time since the start of the Pandemic, please see the Return to Work Health and Summary Information adjacent.



This is provided by staff within your Business Unit - please contact your manager and/or H&S Coordinator for further details.

Business Unit inductions provide the specifics relative to the location(s) you will work/study in and cover general health and safety arrangements that apply in the business unit.

Facility / Lab / Workshop Induction

Some staff and students will use specific facilities that require an additional induction beyond that covered in the general business unit induction, e.g. use of a laboratory facility. Such 'facility' inductions are provided by staff locally and you will be informed if you need to undertake such training.  

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