Your Students’ Union (SU) is at the heart of student life

They are an independent, student-led organisation that represents your needs, protects your rights and, when it comes to making important decisions that affect you, makes sure your voice is heard. And as a University of Nottingham student, you’re already a valued and celebrated member of the SU. 

From its home in the Portland Building, the SU works hard to make sure your university experience is the best it can be, from the day you arrive to the day you graduate. They’re here to make sure that you can experience a huge range of social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities, make changes by standing up for what you believe in, and find support when you need a helping hand.

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Course reps are a vital part of the student voice. Through gathering feedback from your peers, sitting in key meetings and by lobbying or campaigning for positive change, you can make a real difference to the academic experience of those on your course.

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You can join any of our diverse and vibrant societies. With over 200 societies and other student-run groups and services you can pursue your current passion or hobby, find a society or organisation specific to your degree or try something new? You might even want to start your own society.

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Our networks offer support in a friendly, safe space helping you find where you belong!

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