Propulsion Futures Discovering
the propulsion
system of
the future

Transport is on the cusp of a revolution.

To meet mounting economic and environmental pressures, we are being challenged to identify new ways of moving people and goods, while escaping our dependency on conventional fuel systems.

Greener transport will be at the heart of this revolution, with the biggest game changer being electrified propulsion. Within this beacon, we are driving the discovery and translation of new materials, components and technologies to drive innovative electrified propulsion systems in this a new age of sustainable transport.

We’re at the heart of a new age in transport

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World-leading Research and Innovation Centre for Power Electronics and Machines

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Watch how we are developing greener, more electrified transport

Our world-leading expertise

We are a global specialist in sustainable materials, electrification and transport technologies.

We will investigate all aspects of new electric propulsion systems, including:

  • high-power density electrical machines
  • innovative high-efficiency designs
  • hybridisation and new power generation systems
  • efficient transmission
  • power converters
  • smart systems
  • energy generation and storage

We will utilise new materials to deliver high performance, reliable and most importantly eco-friendly propulsion systems, securing economic and strategic benefits for the UK and the world.

An international reputation in power electronics, machines and control

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Pioneering discovery of advanced materials

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Powerful design
for the future

As aircraft, ships and land vehicles evolve they will require propulsion systems that exceed the performance of today’s vehicles, without putting any additional strain on our environment and resources.

By helping to deliver forward-thinking, environmentally conscious systems, we will benefit societies across the world, making unprecedented advances in fuel savings and carbon neutral travel.

Our discoveries will be showcased in the design and delivery of a series of demonstrators, culminating in the form of an electric aircraft.  This aircraft will integrate our innovative research and showcase our world-leading role in securing transport’s greatest transformation in the modern age.

Propulsion and materials research at the Institute for Aerospace Technology

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Gas Turbine and Transmissions Research Centre

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