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Module design.

Designing modules involves thinking about different teaching activities for student learning.

Here you will find insights into dyslexia and examples of how some staff have designed ways of teaching for everyone that have addressed common issues for dyslexic students. For example, tutors and dyslexic students talk about how they use podcasts and WebCT.

You may find that you can adapt these techniques to suit your own disciplinary context.

Inclusive teaching

Examples from How students learn

  • Offer flexibility in the ways that students can learn core lecture material.
  • Be aware of the different kinds of learning that your discipline demands and how this might impact on dyslexic learners.
  • Be aware of how dyslexic students perform in assessments in comparison with the average. Where the results of dyslexic students are below average consider whether the learning context may be implicated.

Video examples

Dyslexia video: "Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.." Duration: 4 minutes : 10 seconds

Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.

"…if they are strongly one way or the other, certain tasks won't lend themselves to their way of being, so it's important to encourage some flexibility…"

4 min 10s reasonable adjustments video by Michael Shaw et al., in How students learn

Dyslexia video: "Choice of hand-in dates: students plan their deadlines.." Duration: 2 minutes : 59 seconds

Choice of hand-in dates: students plan their deadlines.

"…so if you're struggling with something on Kant or something then you can leave that to the last deadline…"

2 min 59s inclusive teaching video by Andrew Fisher et al., in Setting deadlines

Dyslexia video: "Feedback on exams: 1 to 1 tutorials in Geography.." Duration: 1 minute : 26 seconds

Feedback on exams: 1 to 1 tutorials in Geography.

"…we give them their numeric marks…and then back that up…by giving them much more intensive feedback in a PARS tutorial…"

1 min 26s inclusive teaching video by Robert Dugdale, in Giving feedback

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