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Seung-Keun Martinez

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences


Research Summary

Working Papers:

The Large Number of Choices Incompatible with Representing Risk Preference as Utility Curvature (with Ned Augenblick)

Self-Signaling in Social Comparisons (with Jason Bigenho) Revision Requested, Journal of the European Economics Association.

Nudging Civilian Evacuation During War: Evidence from Ukraine (with Monika Pompeo, Roman Sheremeta, Volodymyr Vakhitov, Matthias Weber, and Nataliia Zaika) Revision Requested, The Economic Journal

Effect of Informational Videos on Vaccine PerceptionsAmong Unvaccinated Individuals: A Randomized Control Trial, with Andy Brownback, Guillermo Cruces, Joanne Morling, Monika Pompeo, and Silvia Sonderegger.

Changing the Cost of Procrastination: A Field Experiment on Health Insurance Enrollment (with Anya Samek and Charles Sprenger)

Works in Progress:

Securing the Goalposts on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: An Experiment on Paradoxical Reasoning (with Andy Brownback, Guillermo Cruces, Ignacio Lunghi, Monika Pompeo, and Silvia Sonderegger.)

Competition Through Information: Pharmaceutical Side Effects and Wikipedia Updates (with Marit Hinoosar, Ryan C. McDevitt, Shijian Liu and Chelsea Park)

Recent Publications


Past Research


Procrastination in the Field: Evidence from Tax-Filing (with Stephan Meier and Charles Sprenger), Journal of the European Economic Association, 2023

A Test for Risk-Averse Expected Utility (with Christopher Chambers and Ce Liu),Journal of Economic Theory, 2016

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