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Sharing expertise

The Advanced Data analysis Centre will participate in collaborative projects, bringing expertise in a range of data analysis disciplines. 

For information on how to arrange this, please contact one of the directors, or or email us.                 




Income to sustain ADAC primarily comes from:

  • Charges for consultancy or one off support including assistance with grant writing, data analysis or development of bespoke computational solutions. 


  • Inclusion of ADAC staff time onto research grants to provide analysis support for specific projects.

Acknowledgement of ADAC

We strongly encourage all researchers writing grant proposals to consider inclusion of ADAC staff onto their grants in order to ensure access to ADAC expertise. Please contact ADAC staff as early as possible during the planning of a grant proposal, as we are able to offer study design and grant writing assistance. 

It is expected that ADAC staff are acknowledged appropriately on research outcomes. This will be agreed by ADAC staff at the outset of a project and reviewed periodically.

Advanced Data Analysis Centre

ADAC is a joint initiative between the School of Computer Science
and the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science
Please see our Contact Us page for telephone and email contact points