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Book Launch: A new beginning or more of the same? The European Union and and East Asia after Brexit

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Wednesday 3rd March 2021 (13:30-15:00)

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The University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Programme presents an online book Launch hosted by editors Michael Reilly and Dr Chun-yi Lee who will invite co-authors to join them and present their chapters.

You can watch the talk here.

A new beginning or more of the same? The European Union and and East Asia after Brexit

The EU’s interest in and engagement with North East Asia has grown massively over the last three decades, the shaping and implementation of its policy influenced heavily by the UK and its historical links with East Asia. Brexit therefore raises questions about the future of this engagement and comes against a background of wider threats to the liberal world order, especially rising tensions between the USA and China. Worried that they may be forced to choose sides in their hitherto carefully managed relationships with the two, China’s neighbours are therefore watching with interest to see how the EU and the UK respond and manage their future relations with the region. This book goes beyond the traditional trade links to consider diplomatic and security perspectives, as well as wider issues such as the possible impact on educational and research links. It will be of interest to diplomats, scholars, and economists.

  1. Introduction by Michael Reilly and Chun-Yi Lee
  2. The USA-East Asia and the Struggle to Reform World Order: What Role for Europe and the UK After Brexit? by Richard Higgott
  3. The European Union and North-East Asia: Recent Historical Context by Rod Wye
  4. US and EU Perspectives and Responses to China’s Strategic Challenge by Robert Wang
  5. Imagining Brexit: The UK’s China Policy After the Referendum by Tim Summers
  6. The Japanese Government’s Response to Brexit by David Warren
  7. The Impact of Brexit on East Asian Security: A Taiwanese Perspective by Corey Lee Bell and  Andrew Yang
  8. Brexit, Supply Chains and the Contest for Supremacy: The Case of Taiwan and the Semiconductor Industry by Robyn Klingler-Vidra and Yu Ching Kuo
  9. The Impact of Brexit on the Relations of UK Universities with East Asia by Pei His Susan Lin
  10. Towards a New World Trade Order? The EU, Brexit and North-East Asia by Michael Reilly


Talk Relection by  Ben Harrison, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham.

The Taiwan Studies Programme presented an online book launch of A new beginning or more of the same? The European Union and East Asia after Brexit hosted by editors Michael Reilly and Dr Chun-yi Lee. To provide a synopsis of the book, co-authors were invited to introduce their respective chapters in chronological order. Each chapter approaches the central theme from a different perspective. Some authors provide country specific analyses such as the UK’s post-Brexit China Policy, the Japanese Government’s response to Brexit, and the impact of Brexit on Taiwanese security. Other chapters focus on a particular sector such as the semiconductor industry and the education sector. Collectively, the chapters provide a comprehensive study of the EU and East Asia after Brexit. As for the book launch itself, it was great that all the contributors and attendees were able to meet, albeit virtually, to share their knowledge, ask some great questions, and celebrate the launching of the book.

You can watch the talk here.

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