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STAGES publications

  1. C. Heymans, M.E. Gray, L. van Waerbeke + STAGES (2008): The dark matter environment of the Abell 901/902 supercluster: a weak lensing analysis of the HST STAGES survey;  MNRAS, 385, 1431
  2. A. Gallazzi, E. Bell, C. Wolf + STAGES (2009):  Obscured star formation in intermediate-density environments:  A Spitzer study of the Abell 901/902 Supercluster, ApJ, 690, 1883
  3. C. Wolf, A. Aragón-Salamanca, M. Balogh + STAGES (2009): The STAGES view of red spirals and dusty red galaxies:
    Mass-dependent quenching of star-formation in cluster infall
    , MNRAS, 393, 1302
  4. M.E. Gray, C. Wolf, M. Barden + STAGES (2009):  STAGES:  The Space Telescope A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey, MNRAS, 393, 1275
  5. I. Marinova, S. Jogee, A. Heiderman + STAGES (2009):  Barred galaxies in the Abell 901/2 supercluster with STAGES, ApJ, 698, 1639
  6. A. Robaina, E. Bell, R. Skelton, D. McIntosh, R. Somerville, X. Zheng, H.-W. Rix + STAGES (2009):  Less Than 10 Percent of Star Formation in z ~ 0.6 Massive Galaxies is Triggered by Major Interactions, ApJ, 704, 324
  7. A. Heiderman, S. Jogee, I. Marinova + STAGES (2009):  Interacting galaxies in the A901/902 supercluster with STAGES, ApJ, 705, 1433

  8. F. Barazza, C. Wolf, M.E. Gray, S. Jogee, M. Balogh, D. McIntosh + STAGES (2009):  Relating basic properties of bright early-type dwarf galaxies to their location in Abell 901/902, A&A, 508, 665

  9. D. Maltby, A. Aragón-Salamanca, M.E. Gray, M. Barden, B. Häußler, C. Wolf, C. Peng, K. Jahnke, D. McIntosh, A. Boehm, E. van Kampen (2010):  The environmental dependence of the stellar-mass-size relation in STAGES galaxies, MNRAS, 402, 282

  10. D.T. Maltby, M.E. Gray, A. Aragón-Salamanca; C. Wolf, E.F. Bell, S. Jogee; B. Häußler, F.D. Barazza, A. Boehm, K. Jahnke (2012):  The environmental dependence of the structure of outer galactic discs in STAGES spiral galaxies, MNRAS, 419, 669

  11. P. Simon, C. Heymans, T. Schrabback, A. N. Taylor, M. E. Gray, L. van Waerbeke, C. Wolf, D. Bacon, M. Barden, A. Böhm, B. Häußler, K. Jahnke, S. Jogee, E. van Kampen, K. Meisenheimer, and C. Y. Peng (2012), Spatial matter density mapping of the STAGES Abell A901/2 supercluster field with 3D lensing, MNRAS, 419, 998

  12. C. Hoyos, A. Aragón-Salamanca, M. E. Gray, D. T. Maltby, E. F. Bell, F. D. Barazza, A. Böhm, B. Häußler, K. Jahnke, S. Jogee, K. P. Lane, D. H. McIntosh, and C. Wolf (2012), A new automatic method to identify galaxy mergers - I. Description and application to the Space Telescope A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey, MNRAS, 419, 2703

  13. D.T. Maltby, C. Hoyos, M. E. Gray, A. Aragón-Salamanca, and C. Wolf (2012), Antitruncated stellar light profiles in the outer regions of STAGES spiral galaxies: bulge or disc related?, MNRAS, 420, 2475

  14. A. Böhm, L. Wisotzki, E. F. Bell, K. Jahnke, C. Wolf + STAGES (2013), AGN host galaxies at redshift z ≈ 0.7: peculiar or not?, A&A, 549, A46

  15. B. Bösch, A. Böhm, C. Wolf, A. Aragón-Salamanca, M. Barden, M. E. Gray, B. L. Ziegler, S. Schindler, and M. Balogh (2013), Ram pressure and dusty red galaxies - key factors in the evolution of the multiple cluster system Abell 901/902, A&A, 549, A142

Related papers on the A901/902 system

  1. M.E Gray, A.N Taylor, K. Meisenheimer et al. (2002): Probing the Distribution of Dark Matter in the A901/902 Supercluster with Weak Lensing, ApJ 568, 141
  2. M.E. Gray, C. Wolf, K. Meisenheimer et al. (2004):  Linking star formation and environment in the A901/902 supercluster, MNRAS 347L, 73
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