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For a comprehensive description of the survey and all data listed here, please see:
STAGES: The A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey
M.E. Gray, C. Wolf, M. Barden + STAGES
MNRAS (accepted)

STAGES master catalogue

The master STAGES catalogue covers the area that is the union of the HST/ACS and COMBO-17 survey footprints (see field schematic).  

For each object, the catalogue contains (where applicable):
  • results from SExtractor on the ACS images 
  • results from GALFIT (Sersic profile fitting) on the ACS images
  • COMBO-17 photometry, classification, photometric redshift
  • stellar mass
  • UV and 24 micron derived star formation rate
  • selection flags (for automatic selection of different populations)
  • full tile and thumbnail images available below

» Download the catalogue [FITS table, 82MB]
» Help on reading FITS tables:  [ IDL | topcat | Fortran/C | other
» Quickstart guide to selecting samples
» for a comprehensive description of the catalogue see
   M. Gray et al. 2008 (MNRAS, accepted);  
   STAGES:  The Space Telescope A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey

Meghan Gray (general)   meghan.gray [at]
Marco Barden (GALAPAGOS)  marco.barden [at]
Christian Wolf (COMBO-17) cwolf [at]
Eric Bell (SFRs and stellar masses) bell [at]

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HST/ACS images

All STAGES reduced HST/ACS images are available to download from the STAGES team page at the Multimission Archive at Space Telescope (MAST).

Available data:
  • tile by tile:  reduced ACS FITS image + colour jpeg
  • object by object:  thumbnail ACS FITS image + colour jpeg
  • complete output of GALFIT profile fitting using GALAPAGOS (Sersic profile fits and residuals for each object)
» Download from MAST  >
» reference:  Gray et al. 2008 (§2)

Meghan Gray (general)   meghan.gray [at]
Marco Barden (GALAPAGOS)  marco.barden [at]
Chien Peng (data reduction) cyp [at]

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Additional COMBO-17 info

Completeness maps
Completeness maps for galaxy sample with COMBO-17 redshifts are included in the data release.  These take the form of a 3D map of completeness depending on R-band aperture magnitude, photometric redshift, and restframe U-V colour.

» Download the completeness cube [FITS image, 48K]
» reference:  Gray et al. 2008 (§3)

Christian Wolf  cwolf [at]

SED plots
Plots showing the photometry and best template fit are available for every object within the COMBO-17 footprint.

» Download the COMBO-17 SEDs:
    [ all 63777 plots:  tar file, 409 MB ]
    [ browse directory of all postscript plots

» reference:  Gray et al. 2008 (§3)

Christian Wolf  cwolf [at]

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MIPS 24 micron data is included in the STAGES master catalogue only for objects within the combined HST/COMBO-17 area, according to our own cross-correlation analysis.  The full MIPS catalogue is available for download separately here.

» Available data:
» reference:  Gray et al. 2008 (§4.1)

Eric Bell bell [at]

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Weak lensing

A weak lensing analysis of the STAGES HST imaging was presented in
C. Heymans, M.E. Gray, L. van Waerbeke + STAGES (2008):
The dark matter environment of the Abell 901/902 supercluster: a weak lensing analysis of the HST STAGES survey
MNRAS, 385, 1431

Available data:
  • projected surface mass density (kappa) map (E-mode)
  • systematics map (B-mode)
  • random noise map
  • input mask
  • S/N E- and B-mode maps
» Download the lensing data [tar file, 1.6 MB]
» reference:  Heymans et al. 2008 (MNRAS) 385, 1431

Catherine Heymans

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GALFIT completeness from simulations

Results of extensive tests of simulated galaxies on realistic mock STAGES-like data are available.  Comparison of input vs. recovered GALFIT parameters give realistic errors for the profile fitting data contained in the STAGES master catalogue.

» Download the GALFIT completeness data
    [ full catalogue; 100 sets; gzipped FITS file, 1.7 GB]
    [ "ghosts" catalogue (unidentified objects); gzipped FITS file, 14 MB]

    [ small catalogue; 10 sets; gzipped FITS file, 167 MB]
    [ small "ghosts" catalogue; gzipped FITS file, 1.4 MB]

» README (full catalogue)
» README (small catalogue)
» reference:  Gray et al. 2008 (§2.5)

Boris Häußler boris.haeussler [at]

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Pipeline-reduced imaging and catalogue data for the A901/2 field is available from GALEX public archive.

» Download from >
» reference:  Gray et al. 2008 (§4.4)

Benjamin Johnson bjohnson [at]

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Point-source catalogue
Results from the XMM-Newton observations of the A901/902 field were presented in R. Gilmour, M.E. Gray, O. Almaini et al. (2007):
Environmental dependence of active galactic nuclei activity in the supercluster A901/2
MNRAS, 380, 1467
» Go to online point-source catalogue >
» Reference:  Gilmour et al. 2007, MNRAS 380, 1467

Rachel Gilmour rgilmour [at]

Maps of extended emission
Available on request  
Contact: Meghan Gray
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2dF spectroscopy

Available on request
Contact: Meghan Gray
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Work in progress
Contact: Rob Beswick, Dave Green
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Constrained simulations

Work in progress
Contact: Eelco van Kampen