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The CRN Annual Symposium (January 15th 2014) showcased some of the diverse activities in cancer research taking place across the University and our partner institutions. More than 130 people registered for the event, and overall attendance during the day probably reached close to 200. 

The program included 18 talks covering a wide range of themes such as basic and clinical cancer research, cancer drug discovery, and translational research activities, and thus provided an excellent overview of some of the expertise and resources available within CRN. The networking over lunch and coffee breaks will undoubtedly inspire some new collaborative interactions.

Speakers Included:

  • Prof David Bates
    Professor of Oncology
  • Dr Lodewijk Dekker
    Associate Professor in The School of Pharmacy
  • Prof Lindy Durrant
    Professor of Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Prof Ian Ellis
    Professor of Cancer Pathology
  • Dr Anna Grabowska
    Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Prof David Heery
    Professor of Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
  • Prof Mohammad Ilyas
    Professor of Pathology
  • Dr Andrew Jackson
    Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Dr Stewart Martin
    Associate Professor & Reader in Cancer & Radiation Biology
Poulam Patel

Prof Poulam Patel

Lodewijk Dekker

Dr Lodewijk Dekker


The organisers would like to thank all the speakers and the audience for lively participation. Special thanks to the two speakers selected from abstracts for short talks (Ola Negm and Ramadan Othman).

CRN would like to thank EACR and New England Biolabs for supporting the event, with additional support from the Division of Cancer and Stem cell Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health also much appreciated. We extend our gratitude to Jane Doughty and Loretta Waddon for providing excellent support in organising the event.

Given the success of this event, we are already looking forward to CRN Symposium 2015 and we welcome your input.  


Please contact Abdol Shams Nateri, David Heery (Jane Doughty) if would like to get involved.

CRN Symposium Poster