Cancer Research Nottingham


Nottingham has a strong focus on translational cancer research, resulting in important scientific advances, including: 

Multidisciplinary Research Programmes

We are committed to developing multidisciplinary programs in order to: 

  • understand the molecular basis of cancer
  • develop better diagnostics and therapies for patient care
  • nurture the next generation of cancer researchers and clinicians

We aim to achieve this through strong collaborative links with industry and external partners. 

The University of Nottingham is also home to the administrative centre of the European Association of Cancer Research (EACR).


Research portfolio

Our research portfolio covers the translational spectrum, from:  

  • molecular cancer research
  • cancer biomarkers and early detection
  • in vivo models and tumour imaging
  • target/drug discovery
  • preclinical studies
  • population studies

Search for Researchers

For more information on our cancer research activities, please use the links below to view individual researcher profiles.  

 Researcher   Specialism/s
Dr Austin Acheson Colorectal surgery
Prof Guruprasad Aithal Liver, biliary and pancreatic cancer, hepato-pancreatico-biliary imaging 
Dr Cinzia Allegrucci
Cancer epigenetics; cancer stem cells; cancer reprogramming
Prof John Atherton Stomach cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; helicobacter pylori
Prof Dorothee Auer Imaging biomarkers; clinical neurosciences
Dr David Baldwin Respiratory medicine and lung cancer; epidemiology; diagnosis
Prof Dave Barrett Metabolomics; cancer biomarkers
Prof David Bates Growth factors; alternative splicing; chemokines; immunoscope; metastasis; anti-angiogenics; resistance; biomarkers; lymphatic metastasis; Uveal melanoma; angiogenesis
Dr Fiona Bath-Hextall Non Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC); focusing on interventions for the treatment of NMSC; interventions for improving knowledge of skin cancer and risk factors of skin cancer such as smoking and arsenic
Dr Tracey Bradshaw Cancer therapeutics; chemoprevention; toxicology
Prof John Britton Tobacco control studies; lung cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; bladder cancer
Dr Jenny Byrne Haematological malignancies; CML
Dr Tim Card The pharmaco-epidemiology of cancer and in particular GI cancers; the effect of chronic GI disease on cancer risk   
Dr Steve Chan Clinical oncology
Dr Weng Chan
Chemical tools to interrogate cancer biology; cyclic peptide-based anti-cancer agents
Dr Caroline Chapman Immune biomarkers; B-cells; stem cells; tumour associated antigens; early detection 
Dr Nicole Clarke Tumour suppressor IRF1 function; IRF target genes
Dr Teresa Coughlan Bone cancers
Prof Karen Cox Cancer care; palliative care; clinical trials management; patient experiences; follow-up; survivorship; end of life care
Dr Beth Coyle Drug resistance mechanisms in tumours; apoptosis; metastasis; cancer stem cells; pre-clinical models; ependymomas; primitive neuroectodermal tumours; gliomas
Dr Cornelia de Moor Post-transcriptional regulation of oncogene and tumour suppresor mRNAs; cytokine and growth factor mediated induction of gene expression; polyadenylation as a target in cancer therapy; cordycepin as anti-cancer agent
Dr Lodewijk Dekker Annexins; anti-tumour agents; POT1 kinase; telomerase inhibitors
Dr Rob Delahay Gastric cancer; H. Pylori

Dr Ingrid Dreveny

Protein structure; x-ray crystallography

Prof Lindy Durrant Engineering antibodies for cancer therapy; NUTAC (Nottingham University Therapeutic Antibody Centre); cancer vaccine design
Prof Ian Ellis Breast tumour biomarkers, Nottingham Prognostic Index 
Dr Richard Emes Bioinformatics; comparative genomics; epigenomics
Prof Jonas Emsley  Protein structure function; x-ray crystallography 
Prof Peter Fischer  Drug Discovery oncology targets
Dr Kate Fleming Gastrointestinal Epidemiology / Database Epidemiology
Dr Martin Garnett Nanoparticle delivery; intra-tumoural delivery; brain cancer; pancreatic cancer
Professor Kevin Gaston Professor of Cancer Sciences
Dr Matthew Grainge Epidemiology; thrombosis in cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; chemoprevention; adverse effects of cancer treatment 
Dr Marios Georgiou Tumour progression; tumour invasion; drosophila models
Dr Amir Ghaemmaghami Immunology; tissue engineering; lung tissue
Dr Anna Grabowska
Pre-clinical cancer modelling/imaging; target validation; tumour microenvironment
Dr Andrew Green   Breast cancer; molecular pathology; tissue microarrays; immunohistochemistry; prognosis   
Prof Richard Grundy
Childhood cancers; neuro-oncology; epenymomas; glioblastomas
Dr Neil Guha Hepatology; biomarkers of liver fibrosis
Prof Ian Hall Respiratory medicine; genetics of airway diseases
Prof David Heery Histone acetyltransferases, chromatin modification, Nuclear Receptors; BCL11A; PRAME  
Prof Richard Hubbard Aetiology and health care; lung cancer; national lung audit             
Dr David Humes Linked GPRD and HES data to study the epidemiology of diverticular bleeding and femoral hernia
Prof Mohammad Ilyas Pathology; colorectal cancer
Dr Andrew Jackson Influence of tumour microenvironment on dendritic cells and macrophage; intracellular signalling pathways of APC and polarisation of T-cell responses; immunoregulatory role of ER-stress responses; cancer vaccines
Dr Victoria James

Non-coding RNAs, epigenetics and cancer metastasis

Dr Ian Kerr ABC transporters; multidrug resistance in tumours
Dr Raheela Khan Cancer biomarkers; tumour microenvironment
Prof Alan Knox Molecular pathogenesis; COPD; lung disease
Dr Rajendra Kumari Pre-clinical cancer modelling; bioimaging; tumour microenvironment; targeted therapies
Dr Louise Lansbury Treatment of the second most common skin cancer: Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the skin
Dr Charles Laughton Structure-based drug design; telomere structure and targeting
Dr Robert Layfield Dysfunction of ubiquitin-mediated processes in: Paget's disease of bone; skeletal muscle atrophy; neurodegenerative disorders
Dr Jo Leonardi-Bee

e-learning; reusable learning objects; systemic reviews; meta-analysis; smoking; tobacco control; dermatology

Prof Dileep Lobo Gastrointestinal surgery
Prof Richard Logan Bowel Cancer Screening
Dr Paul Maddison Paraneoplastic disorders; small cell lung cancer
Dr Srinivasan Madhusudan DNA repair; base excision repair; APE1 inhibitors; stratified medicine; cancer clinical trials  
Dr Stewart Martin  Prognostic and predictive biomarkers; lymphatic biology and metastasis; radiation biology/radiotherapy; calpains and calpastatin
Dr Luisa Martinez-Pomares T-Regs; macrophages; mannose receptor; lung epithelium 
Dr Tricia McKeever

Medical statistics; meta-analysis; epidemiology

Dr Alan McIntyre Molecular and cell biology of the hypoxic tumour microenvironment; tumour metabolism; pH regulation; antiangiogenic therapy
Antitumour effects of clostridial anaerobes 
Dr Nigel Mongan Androgen receptor; Estrogen receptor; REX1/ZFP42; cancer stem cells; prostate cancer 
Prof Chris Moody   Chemotherapy of cancer; molecular targeted agents; inhibitors of Hsp90; IDO; bioreductively activated agents; G-quadruplex ligands
Dr John Moses Chemical biology; click chemistry; drug discovery
Dr Ioan Notingher Development of new optical and spectroscopic methods for studying biological materials at a nano and micro-scale; understanding the interaction of cells with cancer drugs
Dr Emma O'Dowd Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Simon Parsons Autoimmunity in cancer
Prof Poulam Patel Kidney cancer; malignant melanoma; clinical trials in cancer; cancer vaccines; dendritic cell biology; host tumour interactions 
Prof Alan Perkins Drug delivery - imaging; medical physics; nuclear medicine; radiation protection; radiation safety
Dr Anna Piccinini Regulation of gene expression by the extracellular matrix; microRNA; tumour microenvironment
Dr Desmond Powe Breast tumour biomarkers
Dr Helen Powell Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Krish Ragunath   Gastrointestinal surgery
Dr Emad Rakha Breast cancer: molecular pathology, classification and outcome
Dr Judith Ramage  Molecular mechanisms of cancer vaccine targeting
Dr Anna Rich Epidemiology
Prof John Robertson  Immune biomarkers; early detection; lung and breast tumours 
Helicobacter pylori; gastric cancer; inflammation 
Dr Felicity Rose   Drug delivery of antitumour agents  
Prof Nigel Russell Leukaemia; bone marrow transplant; AML clinical trials  
Prof John Scholefield Immunotherapy for colorectal cancer; anal cancer and pre-malignant conditions                
Dr Paul Scotting Children's cancer; germ cell tumours; DNA-methylation; CNS development 
Prof Mark Searle   Protein structure using NMR 
Dr Claire Seedhouse DNA damage and repair; AML
Prof Herb Sewell   Autoimmunity in cancer 
Prof Jane Seymour Palliative care research; end of life advance care planning; public education in end of life care
Prof Kevin Shakesheff Drug delivery of antitumour agents 
Cancer genetics and stem cell; transcription, signalling and diseases;

transgenic mouse models

Prof Peter Shaw
Molecular signalling and gene transcription in cancer; STAT and ETS transcription factors 
Dr John Simpson Pancreatic surgery; diverticular disease; biliary disease
Dr Ian Spendlove   Alternate co-stimulation in differentiation of regulatory T cells; Antibody generation (NUTAC)    
Dr Keith Spriggs   RNA helicase eIF4a; Pdcd4; regulation of mRNA translation            
Dr Laila Tata Lung cancer (national audit)
Prof Neil Thomas   Chemical synthesis; drug discovery in oncology 
Dr Cristina Tufarelli   Epigenetic alterations; antisense-RNAs; LINE-1; gene silencing; colon cancer
Prof Uwe Vinkemeier Interferons in immunity; STAT proteins and cancer immunoediting; molecular basis of inflammation  
Prof David Walker    Brain tumours; CNS tumours; molecular oncology; CNS drug delivery; HeadSmart; early diagnosis of cancer, neurosurgery; neuroimaging; brain imaging; cancer predisposition; cancer therapy
Dr Joe West  

Epidemiology; coeliac disease; liver disease; use of routinely available electronic health data

Dr Sally Wheatley  Survivin; mitotic kinases; cell division; cell death; cultured human cells
Dr Peter Wigmore   Chemotherapy; brain; neurogenesis; demyelination 
Dr Andrew Wilcock    Supportive care; palliative care; cachexia; rehabilitation 
Prof Hywel Williams Clinical trials; systematic reviews; epidemiology of atopic eczema
Dr Sophie Wilne    Paediatric Oncology 
Dr Sebastiaan Winkler    Post-transcriptional gene regulation; deadenylase enzymes; deadenylase inhibitors; Ccr4-Not; BTG/Tob proteins; leukaemia and lymphoma; breast cancer