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What's the Point?

‘What’s the Point?’ is a video project conducted for the Faculty of Arts Knowledge Transfer Strategy Group (Chair: Professor Svenja Adolphs) by filmmaker and former BBC video-journalist Brady Haran.

The videos examine a range of different Arts disciplines, and explore the value of the research being undertaken by individuals from across the Faculty.

Dr Will Bowden 
Dr Sarah Hibberd 
Dr Jon Henderson
Dr Paul Grainge 
Dr Katharina Lorenz 
Professor Thorlac Turville-Petre 
Dr Simon Oliver

Words of the World

From Nazi to Chocolate, words play a vital role in our lives. And each word has its own story.

But where do they come from? What do they mean? How do they change?
Some of these questions are answered by "Words of the World" - a series of short videos presented by experts from the University of Nottingham's School of Modern Languages and Cultures.

Another UoN video project by filmmaker and former BBC video-journalist Brady Haran.

View the project website 

Digital Arts and Humanities Research Training

Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Text Mining

The fourth in a new series of Digital Humanities workshops for postgraduate research students, organised in collaboration with the University of Leicester.

Presented by Professor Michaela Mahlberg, School of English

Course overview: The workshop introduces basic concepts and methods in corpus linguistics. Corpus linguistics studies examples of naturally occurring language (e.g. newspaper articles, transcriptions of spoken language, literary texts) with the help of quantitative methods such as concordance analyses or key word comparisons. Includes  examples and hands-on exercises.

Download the presentations here.

The Culture Innovation Labs Seminar Series launched in October 2014. 

Video recordings of the seminars are available.

This was formerly the CAS Digital Humanities Seminar Series, which began January 2013:

Mahendra Mahey and Ben O'Steen on 'The British Library Labs: Exploring the Library's Digital, Cultural and Historic Heritage'

Dr Martin Wynne on 'Can Linguistics Lead a Digital Revolution in the Humanities?'

Dr Helen Webster on 'Digital Skills for Researchers: Exploring Pedagogies for Advanced Digital Literacies'

Dr Marc Alexander on 'Field, Patchworks and Semantic Fingerprints'

Dr Stefan Rennick Egglestone on 'Multiple Perspectives and Mobile Devices'

Dr Ernesto Priego on 'Exploring the Conversation: Alt-Metrics and Scholarly Uses of Social Media'

Prof Andrew Prescott on 'Digital Transformations: Some Historical Perspectives'

Digital recordings of the following CAS and HSSRC events are available:

CaSMa session: Prof Paul Baker and Prof Tony McEnery: Corpus Linguistics and some issues when working with Twitter corpora
12th December 2014, University of Nottingham

Annual Papplewick Lecture 2014 - Is there enough for all of us? Global growth, climate change and food security, Dame Barbara Stocking, DBE President, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge and former Chief Executive, Oxfam GB

The First Annual Papplewick Pumping Station Annual Lecture, 2010
Adam Hart-Davis presents a lively lecture entitled 'Wet behind the Engineers'

CAS/HSSRC Annual Lecture June 2010, 'What Does it Mean to Claim that Sex, Gender and the Body are Socially Constructed' by Professor Toril Moi,  James B. Duke Professor of Literature and Romance Studies at Duke University, USA

HSSRC Annual Lecture June 2009, 'Migration and Globalization: From Walter Benjamin to Frantz Fanon', by Professor Robert J. C. Young, New York University

Leverhulme Lecture September 2009, on Leverhulme Schemes and Priorities, by Anne Dean, Assistant Director, Leverhulme Trust. 
Introduced by Professor Catherine Davies




Brady Haran, filmmaker 


What's the point of studying archaeology: Dr Will Bowden responds 


Words of the World project website 


Prof Andrew Prescott, inaugural Digital Humanities Seminar 16 Jan 2013 


Dame Stocking addresses the audience at the Annual Papplewick Lecture 2014, University of Nottingham (22/10/14) 

Adam Hart-Davis, Papplewick Pumping Station lecture, 3rd November 2010


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